Give yourself the luxury of a 100% pure silk pillowcase

A silk pillow case keeps your face healthy

Your face has more contact with a pillowcase than any other fabric. So, if you want your face to stay cool to watch, even in the morning, the choice of your pillowcase is important. Silk cushions can help keep your face fresh and healthy.

We continue to be in contact with chemicals. During your night’s rest, you can reduce that exposure to chemicals yourself. Silk allows skin to breathe and is a 100% natural fabric.

Silk is produced in nurseries of side parts, which are bred. They are pampered throughout their lives with ideal conditions and their favorite food. These larvae produce the fine silk fibers with low exposure to chemicals. Unlike cotton, synthetic fabrics, such as pesticides, herbicides and other chemical treatments, do not require silk production. Also, in the production of silk, only a small amount of water is required. So when it comes to luxurious and healthy sleep, you can say that silk is many times environmentally friendly than cotton or other substances that use many chemical agents.

Silk is aniti allergen and has its own hypoallergenic properties, such as a natural resistance to dust mites, fungi and fungi, in addition to many other allergens.

Sleeping on a silk pad can help keep skin healthy. The smoothness of silk pillowcases helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The best investment for a good and healthy skin.

Silk ensures that skin stays better hydrated. Sleeping on the side is a great option to help your skin maintain the natural moisture balance. Save money on expensive moisturizing creams by going to sleep on a silk pillow case.

Silk reduces bumps in the hair after sleep and prevents split hair tips. Sleeping on silk pillow cushions reduces dumps in the hair and ensures that your hair does not look so messy in the morning. The natural properties of silk, including the smooth surface, reduce the friction on your hair. That is the cause of the damage, such as split ends and dents. For your hair it’s a good idea to sleep on a silk pillowcase.

While a silk blouse needs special treatment in the dry cleaner, our silk pillowcases are made of a high quality silk: 25 momme weight that can be washed in the washing machine. So you do not have to worry about the dry cleaning. Just in the washing machine on a side program with a detergent for delicate fabrics. For complete washing instructions, see the product description of a silk pillow case.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is a luxurious experience. There is no better feeling than the soft, smooth and luxurious feeling of silk on the skin when you sleep at night. It is absloluut delicious and peaceful for the night’s rest. A silk pillow case also feels wonderfully cool in the summer and pleasant in winter.

Men also benefit from sleeping on a silk pillowcase!