You may have never heard of it, but you can fix all kinds of skin quizzes by sleeping on a silk pillow case. Silk is a natural product containing the amino acids Fibroin and Sericine. This has to do with the fact that the side is extracted from silkworm cocoons. These caterpillars are simply melting and pouring the mulberry tree and producing good silk. Silk with long fibers, which are smooth and elastic. Such a side ensures that your skin does not get sleep folds. That’s why you would get less wrinkles when you paddle on one side, at least pillowcases.

sleep on side better for your skin

At night, your body restores itself, thus also the skin. A bedroom that is adequately ventilated is important. Of course the bedding plays an important role. Because it’s easy to sleep with the window, but under a synthetic duvet, your skin will only benefit from a minimum. Silk is natural and breathable, smooth and ensures that your skin does not dry out. The smooth material works relaxing and the amino acids make your cells aging and hydrated less quickly. No wonder you get up in the morning as fresh as a chicken!

noisy side polishing your sheet

Silk is an exceptionally light fabric which makes it a noisy noise when you walk in a side-by-side dress. It does not matter if you feel the least of nobility. I myself had a silk wedding dress that was so light that it was just like wearing nothing. Fortunately, it was a cushion hook with detachable sleep. Unfortunately, I had too late to keep the trail waiting for a visit to the dry cleaning. Because just washing that I did not dare. Now that’s not a problem, because how else would you have to clean your sheets and slacks? Silk is also washable, not only at high temperatures. A cooking wash is not recommended. Wash at 30 degrees with a laundry program. Weeks or centrifuges on high turns are out of the question. Because silk is light and thin, it dries best and the fastest outside, in the wind. For more information on washing, see