Sleep problems can even be past times when you switch to sleep under the side. Perhaps you never stopped, but the quality of your sheet or duvet cover has a huge impact on your sleep. Certainly people who sleep and sleep hard can benefit from sleeping under the side. This is mainly due to the natural origin of silk.


Silk is a natural product and therefore feels much better than synthetic sheets of, for example, polyester or modal. Although modal is breathable, the fabric is so slippery that no duvet will remain in the sleeve. The sheets slide off and you sleep still restless. The price is a bit more favorable, but ultimately you will choose either side or maybe even satin. Silk is smooth, breathable, but is not slippery like the synthetic variant. This certainly benefits the night’s rest.


You may know that radiation from your cellphone can make you wake up in the morning. But a quilt can also increase the electromagnetic field. Better known as static electricity. If you are a restless sleeper, an electric charge may result from the friction. You notice this especially when you wake up. Your hair is very sensitive to static electricity. Not for nothing, you’re asked if you’ve put your fingers in the socket when you get her upside down. Or think of the effect of her that’s going to float when you rubbed it with a blown balloon a couple of times. When you go to sleep under silk, you will not bother. Try it with a silk pillow case. Your hair is not confused and you get woken up. Of course, because as soft as silk is no material.