For many people their sleep is holy. Without 8 hours of well-deserved sleep, they are not human. They are chagrijnig, performing under level and light-headed. Insomnia occurs more often than you think: It’s important that you first try to find out why you can not sleep. Sometimes the causes are inexplicable, but there are also a number of options that make you better sleep.

Common causes of insomnia

Stress. If you have an important day the following day, you can forget about sleeping. Even when you are suffering from money or sickness, sleeping can be difficult. Relaxation exercises like yoga and meditation or simple breathing exercises, do miracles.
Temperature control. Both a cold and a warm bedroom can wake you up. Often you sleep well, but you wake up halfway through cold or just heat. In the summer care for silk sheets to stay cool but choose in winter for example flannel.
Age. Especially in transition, women suffer from sleepless nights. These are due to perspiration and restless legs. Here yoga also helps.
Mattress. Of course, you are sleeping on a good mattress. What is good for one can be too hard for the other one. Therefore, when you sleep with his two, you can choose better for 2 single mattresses instead of for a double
Bed sheet. Sheets that creep up and blankets that slid do not really help you sleep. Choose for natural materials such as cotton, flannel, silk or satin. Synthetic materials do not breathe, become static and are often slippery. Sleeping under silk is a relief.
On time to bed

That sounds slack, but many sleepy people just go to bed late. The TV or computer are more interesting than their bed. Although it is generally known that the blue light is certainly not conducive to sleep, many people stay on the couch for as long as Klaas often comes along. The problem of these banknaps is that when you get woken up (a bank is finally taken to sit down and not to lie down), you can not sleep in bed anymore.

Go to bed go a routine

As with small children, adults also sleep better when you make a routine. For example, pour warm milk, brush your teeth, read a little story in bed and then turn off the light. For those who do not like reading, a relaxing music can also provide relaxation.

Last but not least: make sleep the luxury it is

Have you ever experienced a sleepy night, then you know how important a good night’s sleep is. When you make a small palace from your bedroom, you can relax much better. Do you want to sleep like a rose?