Wellness may remind you of the sauna, the spa and the rest. That’s all right. But did you know that wellness can just be experienced at home in the bedroom? Your own favorite light, music and essence oil in the evaporator and relaxed. You are completely reborn after 10-20 minutes of rest. Certainly when you add another secret ingredient to it. And I do not care about yoga.

relaxed by feeling of indulgence

Wellness’s main element and purpose is relaxation of calm and warmth. You are pampered by massage, scrubt dead cells of your body with sea salt and lightly boil yourself in a Finnish sauna with temperatures above 90 degrees. The exchange of heat and cold is good for your resistance and because of the high temperatures, toxic substances are secreted by improving metabolism.

rest in the bedroom with silk

Now a sauna is fantastic but you do not always have time and money for it. In addition, there is nothing as good for your health as a relaxing nap in your own bed. In your bedroom it will not get so hot, but know that your body can also fine “waste” in your sleep. A nap after eating is not wrong at all. All blood can go to your digestive organs, giving your body new energy and getting waste. Silk is cool in summer and warm in winter. Is not that useful?

Staying at home is cheaper even if you sleep under silk

You do not have to enter the car, do not risk accidents and avoid annoyance in the file. The money you spend on gasoline and entrance to the sauna or wellness resort will use you to cover your bed with silk. Because sleeping under side that’s all. Not just wrinkles, but also for your hair and skin.