Why do we not count wires by side

For many textiles like cotton, the number of wires used says something about the quality of the fabric. For silk bedding we do not talk about the number of threads, but about the weight of the mass. Because by side it is not so much about the number of wires used in weaving, but for the weight of the used side per stretching meter (similar to denier at nylons)

Why do not we use thread counting if we have it over?

The main reason is that it says nothing about quality because silk is made of ragfine threads. The numbers would always be extremely high regardless of the quality of the side. Low-grade silk can consist essentially of as many threads as high-grade silk but still show a high degree of quality. That’s why we use the momme weight by side.

What is momme weight?

The mommy weight says something about the weight of silk. To be exact, the number of mums indicates the weight of 100 yards (about 91 meters), 45 inches (about 1 m wide), in pounds. So, if a substance has a mum weight of 8mm, it means that 100 yard of this substance weighs 8 pounds. This quality silk is common with silk dresses and other silk clothing. High quality silk has a mum weight of 14, 15 or 16 mm. Most LovaSilk bedding has a mum weight of 19mm which corresponds to about 80 grams / m2. At a molecular weight of 22, that is about 100 grams / m2.

What is the quality range of momme weight?

The weight of the silk is somewhere between 6 and 30 mommes. For bed linens, the 19 weight-weight side is the most common because it has the right balance between strength, appearance and affordability. The higher the mommegetal, the more expensive the side, but also the more durable.

What if there is no momme weight on a side product?

When you buy a side-case without weight, you can look further. Because without this quality indication you do not know what you are buying.

Does the weight of momme affect the transparency of silk?

It is logical that the heavier the side, the less translucent it is. Also painted silk is less translucent than uncoloured silk. By nature, silk is a semi transparent fabric. So choose for painted side, this is less transparent. White silk is still sold as bedding because it looks so chic. White is also easy to combine with different interiors and bed colors.

Better sleep with silk pillowcases and side mask

Different factors determine your night’s rest. Temperature, sufficient oxygen and low light are the most important ones that you can easily influence. Sleeping is best with an open window, but what if it’s out of blood? A silk cushion cover and a silk mask ensure undisturbed sleep. The amino acids in the silk tissues have a pleasant hydrating effect on your skin. This does not dry out (read less wrinkles!) And the side keeps your skin at the right temperature, not too hot, but not too cold.

Signs of restless sleep

A bumpy bush and a crumbled face on the wake indicate restless sleep. Usually you will not really be woken up when you’ve been sleeping all night long. A silk pillow case makes you sleep better. Because silk is a natural material, you do not suffer from static electricity. This is often the cause of her who’s completely upset when you wake up in the morning (apart from other things that are less likely to sleep). Also, you can sleep asleep when your bed is too hot or too cold. A silk pillow i

Good temperature guidance

Important cause of a bad night’s sleep is too hot or too cold kisses. Silk regulates the temperature and always feels comfortable. In summer, your kisses will never feel hot and will not feel uncomfortable in winter. Kiese a silk pillow run when you want to enjoy your sleep and wake up to sleep.

Keep it dark with a silk mask

Nothing distorts your sleep rhythm more than light. Especially a light bulb gets you immediately from your deep sleep. And since it’s important that you keep your deep sleep for a couple of hours, you want to wake up and get fit, then a mask is the ideal solution for those who suffer from light at night. For example, because your partner comes home later or because street lighting shines in your room.

Best quality silk for cushion cover and mask

Are you looking for a silk cushion cover that feels soft and soft, you can choose a side with a momme weight of 19 or higher. The mommy weight says something about the weight of silk. 19 mm is about 80 grams per square meter. You also have sides of 8 mm or 30 mm, but the higher, the more expensive the side. Silk of 19 mm gives